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Global Scope Lab


GLOB~S is a platform for multi-disciplinary collaboration among scholars, business managers, and policymakers to generate science-based evidence on the drivers and consequences of business internationalization and to translate such evidence into performance- and social-welfare enhancing solutions  

GLOB~S responds to the fundamental rise in the exposure of the average firm to uncertainty and risk in foreign markets and exogenous shocks, such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, technological accidents, political coups, pandemics, and episodes of violent crime. The organizational ability to manage and learn from these shocks is a driver of competitive advantage and sustainability and we seek to design and implement projects and events to better understand and propagate such ability in the form of firm strategies, market practices, and public policy.

GLOB~S operates with four primary goals:

To produce academically rigorous and practically relevant research

We generate and promote studies that advance the scholarship on global strategy and organizational decision making from risk and uncertainty while identifying and increasing their managerial and societal implications

To create and share firm, industry, and country level databases

We create and maintain open-access informational resources that can be used by researchers, managers and policy makers in their efforts to characterize the risks and uncertainty inherent to specific regional and national markets and predict their effects on entrepreneurship, firm performance, and market entry and expansion

To facilitate multi-sector collaboration

We foster projects that build the capacity of scholars to engage with business and public managers in understanding the firm and institutional determinants of exposure to specific risks and uncertainty. Managers and policy actors can play an important role in guiding and developing questions that have practical implications while the findings from academic research can inform and influence firm decision making and public policy

To encourage multi-disciplinary education and training

We involve undergraduate and graduate students in the design and application of methodologies for the generation of cutting-edge scholarship on organizational management and learning from disruption

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